Masterclasses ORGAN

The organ masterclasses will be held by Prof. Jürgen Essl (Musikhochschule Stuttgart), and Luca Scandali (Konservatorium „F. Morlacchi", Perugia)

Students will be able to receive instruction from both organ professors, Classes will be conducted either on the Gabler Organ in Ochsenhausen or the Sandter Organ nearby in Gutenzell. Lessons will be in German, French, English or Italian.

Suggested repertoire in 2017:

Luca Scandali: Italian music from 17th and 18th century (Frescobaldi, Rossi, Pasquini, Scarlatti, Galuppi), J.S. and C.Ph.E. Bach

Jürgen Essl: Froberger, Pachelbel, Muffat, Knecht, Bach, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Liszt, Improvisation 

Both Prof. Essl and Luca Scandali offer guidance in Organ Improvisation ranging from Barock to Modern. Previous knowledge or experience with improvisation is not required.

Students are able to practise and perform on excellent historical and modern instruments, including the famous Gabler organ Ochsenhausen and the Holzhey organ in Rot, Kiene/ Sandtner organ in Gutenzell or Goll organ in Memmingen (dispositions listed below).

  Disposition Holzhay organ Rot a.d. Rot

  Disposition Gabler organ Ochsenhausen

  Disposition Goll organ Memmingen

  Disposition Sandtner organ Gutenzell

 Luca Scandalis concerts are formidable, find a list here.



Students have the opportunity to participate in the Joseph Gabler competition at the end of ISAM.

The 7th Joseph-Gabler Organ Competition is scheduled for Wednesday, August 1, 2018. The top two or three winners will be awarded prizes per decision of the international jury. The First Prize Winner of Joseph Gabler Prize will recieve further invitations and concert engagements.

 Prize money Joseph-Gabler Prize 2017

  • 1st winner: 1000.- €
  • 2nd winner: 500.- €
  • 3rd winner: 250.- €


Jürgen Essl, organist and composer                                                                          
 Luca Scandali  
Luca Scandali, organist  



2012 Marie Zharadkova
2013 Aaron Ribas
2014 Thomas Kudernatsch
2015 Mar Vaqué
2016 Grace Oh
2017 Yeri Ahn



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